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We all have the ultimate responsibility to protect the health of animals under our care, and so have a  biosecurity plan for our farm. Quick and simple measures built into our everyday management practices will go a long way toward protecting our farm and our future from the costly consequences of disease. Prevention is the most cost-effective protection against animal disease. Biosecurity requires a whole-farm approach to animal health management. The cooperation of visitors and agri-service personnel is an important part of our plan.

An effective biosecurity plan can help to accomplish the following:

  • improve or maintain animal health, welfare and productivity;

  • reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of endemic and foreign diseases;

  • minimize potential losses;

  • protect human health.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Registration closed for the season

July Camps

July 13 & 14 Camp Days

July 20 & 21 Farm Days

July 27 & 28 Camp Days

August Camps

August 10 & 11 Camp Days

August 16 & 17 Farm Days

August 23 & 24 Camp Days

What to Bring

-Appropriate footwear that can be washed such as rubber boots

-Weather appropriate clothing



-Change of clothes

-Bug spray

-Sun screen

What NOT to Bring

-Sandals or open shoes

-Cell phones or other electronics

-Family pets

-Pocket knives


Fees are to be paid in full upon registering to secure your child's place. E-Transfers can be made to the email address: 

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