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The pies featured here were made with delicious B.C. grown apples. We love to support our fellow farms where we can! How can we not when they taste soooo good! 

decorative apply pie
decorative apple pie
cinnamon buns rising in pan

Oh so gooey and delicious!

warm homemade cinnamon buns with melting cream cheese icing on top


Butter is one of our favorite treats from our girls to go with our homemade breads! One of the many perks to owning a family milk cow!

old fasioned butter press, and pressed butter

Farm Fresh Eggs

multi coloured fresh farm eggs in carton with yellow baby chick standing in carton

Did you know...

 Sally's Baking Addiction has a fabulous all butter pie crust recipe!?! It's one I'd recommend!

decorative woven lattice apple pie with rolling pin

Cinnamon Buns

freshly baked cinnamon buns

Oh my! Have you tried homemade cream cheese yet? YUM!

homemade bread sliced with melting butter on top
multi coloured eggs in wire egg basket in front of field wheat

How do you like your eggs? 

Fried in butter, hardboiled, or hatched!

Cheese for a Tease!

Have you tried making cheese?

A family milk cow comes with blessings in many shapes and sizes! Here are a few of them that we enjoy!

large wheel on tomatoe bell pepper cheese with pumpkins and kettle pot in background
bowl full of cesar salad with freshly grated parmesan cheese

Grated 9 month old aged parmesan cheese to top off a Caesar salad to heavy cream off the top of our milk to add to homemade cottage cheese. 

large block on herbed cheese with cream jars in background

Here we have garlic and herbed colby. Also  a tomato and bell pepper colby. Below we have sharp aged cheddar.

a crumbly slice of aged parmesan cheese
heavy raw cream sticking to bottom of spoon
pottery bowl filled with fresh cottage cheese with lid

Lastly, good old creamy yogurt!

a spoonfull of home made yogurt with granola
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