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Here at BFJ Kids Camp, we are Blessed to Farm for Jesus!

Mission Statement

Here on the BFJ farm we love Jesus, and we love His animals! We hope to share with you, the many blessings that farm life brings! Teaching children to see the everyday blessings and goodness of God. Learning to care for His creation as He cares for us! 

child sleeping with miniature jersey calf. puppy sleeping in background

About us

We are a Christian family who are passionate about animals and blessing children with the opportunity to learn to care for and interact with animals. For several years now, I have watched children visit our farm, and enjoyed their reactions to the opportunity to interact with various animals, and nature as a whole. The children loved caring for the animals and digging their hands into the garden. I realized I had an opportunity to serve my greater community by providing farm living experiences to children by offering a Farm Camp from our home. 

Our farm raises miniature jerseys, peacocks, chickens, turkeys, guinea hens, sheep, horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, miniature goats, donkeys, alpacas and pigs. Now our farm is expanding to include programs for children and youth to learn farming activities while also learning to see everyday blessings and the goodness of God, and His creation. Our goal is to provide positive farm life experiences to ground children with the knowledge and skills to become more self reliant and capable of living in rural settings, and providing for themselves and their future families. Not only will this benefit the children, but generations to come as they will be encouraged to maintain rural living. Some of these learning activities that we would want to be able to provide are home economics, animal husbandry, fishing, ziplining, berry picking, chick hatching, bottle feeding calves, honey collecting, and faith-based lessons with campfire devotions each night.

Learning Topics
Caring for animals (husbandry)
Tending for animals (veterinary care)
Environmental education
Healthy eating (gardening)
Faith (bible devotions) 
Pond life
Pollinator habitat


Interaction Opportunities
Collecting eggs
Animal care /  interactions
Bottle feeding calves
Milking cows
Faith based activities


Slip and slid
Berry picking
Seed to table gardening

Mozzarella string cheese
Mud fights
Nature exploring
Chick hatching



kid paddling in yellow canoe on green water
child swimming in dougout
child fishing off dock on a sunny day
pony eating out of kids hand
cat sleeping in a milk pail
peacock fanning out tail feathers
cat sleeping in sunny barn window
turkey looking at camera
child holding baby bunnies
kids working in garden

Camp Days

We are very pleased to say that our soft opening in 2022 was very successful! We are excited about hosting our next set of camp days. We are in a season of transition right now  and are looking at re opening for 2024. 

Located one hour north of Grande Prairie Alberta.

Ages     6-14 years

Cost     $100 for a 2 day camp

Hours  Drop off will be between 9:00-10:00 am

             Pickup will be between 4:00-5:00 pm

Farm Days

Still want to catch the highlight of our farm life but can't make Camp Days? Then please join us for a Farm Day. It will be a fun filled few hours to which you and your family will be able to experience fun on the farm including how to milk a cow! 

Ages     Children of all ages 1-99. Must be accompanied by a parent.

Cost     $40/family up to four people. $5 for every additional family member. 

Hours   2-4 pm

Closed for the Season

July 13 & 14
Camp Days

August 10 & 11
Camp Days

July 20 & 21
Farm Days

August 16 & 17
Farm Days

July 27 & 28
Camp Days

August 23 & 24
Camp Days

What Others Have to Say

"We put all 4 of our kids in two BFJ camp days and our kids are still wearing their t-shirts and are still talking about it almost a year later! They learned so much about the farm animals, Jesus, and making rockets! Their day was filled right up with activities and it was well worth the wait to get them there! Great atmosphere and great fun!"



We all have the ultimate responsibility to protect the health of animals under our care, and so have a  biosecurity plan for our farm. Quick and simple measures built into our everyday management practices will go a long way toward protecting our farm and our future from the costly consequences of disease. Prevention is the most cost-effective protection against animal disease. Biosecurity requires a whole-farm approach to animal health management. The cooperation of visitors and agri-service personnel is an important part of our plan.

An effective biosecurity plan can help to accomplish the following:

  • improve or maintain animal health, welfare and productivity;

  • reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of endemic and foreign diseases;

  • minimize potential losses;

  • protect human health.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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