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The ones that have moOoved on!

jersey calves looking at camera

Fergie and Buddy...

"Man we love those little guys sooooo much. My kids spend almost everyday with them they chase the kids around and bounce and jump playing, the LOVE giving kisses lol. I cant thank you enough. They are a perfect addition to our family.  It is very easy to tell they where raised right and loved and cared for before they ever came to us."

Back Forty's Mayflower, here's what her owner has to say... "I grew up drinking cow's milk but never had my own cow.  As an adult, I wanted to get my my own cow but was reticient to buy a large cow until I discovered miniature jersey cows.  Still, I had many concerns as I had no experience with a cow of any kind and I had heard anecdotally that dairy cows require more care than beef cows.  When I initially approached Tazara about purchasing a cow from her and expressing my many concerns, she put my anxiety to rest with a lot of useful information.  She was very kind, patient with my many questions and has been supportive before, during and after the purchase of my mini-jersey.  I also bred my heifer with one of her bulls that was not related to my heifer when the time came.  I am very grateful to Tazara for all her help and support along my journey of owning, breeding my mini-jersey and producing my own diary products.  I will say also, that the jersey cow that I bought from Tazara is indeed very docile and affectionate.  She is part of our family now, enriching my life and the life of my chilren. " ~ Jason Schulte – Grovedale, Alberta.

Miniature jersey calf laying down in grass
new born jersey calf nursing of mother cow

Buttercup may have been a standard jersey, but she will always be remembered as the first calf and heifer to have been born on our farm. We sold her as an A2 milk cow and here is what her new family had to say about her...

     "Buttercup is such a sweet sweet cow. Our kids can milk her. She is adorable and gives beautiful milk. Thank you so much."

As our miniature herd grows, we have been moving along our standards that were able to help get our downsizing program started. This is Dixie, we sold as an A2 milk cow. Here's what her new owners said about her...

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the work and time you put into Dixie. I'm so so thrilled with her, and just love having such a good cow. We love our Dixie cow and all her creamy delicious milk and cream."

jersey cow standing in front of pond
jersey calves tied up to wodden fence in winter

Back Forty's Tulip  and Daisy May are both A2 girls! They are expected to finish off as a Miniature and Mid sized Jersey and will both make great milk cows one day!

Back Forty's Poppy is a sweet A2/A2 girl that will likely finish off as a mid sized cow. She will love her new home I'm sure! 

Peaches n Cream2.jpg

Back Forty's Oregano is our first heifer calf off of Opal. We hope her owners think she is as cute as we think she is! 


"She's a doll, we just love her!"


Back Forty's Peaches N Cream

is a beautiful mid sized painted heifer. She is off of Diamond and so comes from great milking lines! Wishing her new owners all the best!


Back Forty's Roxy was a mid sized cow that mooved on as a fresh cow.


"She is so sweet and she was so absolutely patient with us."

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